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Case Study

The FMI Group is a specialist brand engagement agency that combines traditional communication methods with modern technology. The group is made up of two complementary organisations: FMI and Red C, who regularly collaborate on projects from inception to delivery.

A ground breaking brand engagement agency with more than 30 years’ experience, FMI specialises in corporate communication, brand loyalty and incentivisation. Red C supports FMI’s offering by providing web and mobile agency expertise, with a reputation carrying significant prestige for the Group thanks to Red C’s experience in the sector.

FMI Group has a long working history with Oxinet, who collaborates with the in-house web teams to provide honest technical expertise when required and to deliver more complex client systems.


  • Desired a solution which could provide secure access to confidential content, viewed based on a user’s pre-defined authorisation level

  • Had a system currently limited by functionality, appearance, storage, messaging capability, complex administration, poor user experience and security flaws

  • Desired a new, user-friendly system, with the LG look and feel

  • Needed it to be delivered to a tight timescale, on-budget


In collaboration with FMI, Oxinet created a bespoke web-based system, TribeInside (TI), accessible via the internet to all LG users across a multitude of platforms. At the outset, a team was set up to manage the project which included representatives from FMI, creative agency WrightObara and Oxinet. WrightObara developed the design elements, whilst Oxinet built the site and integrated KnowledgeTree, a document repository system. At each stage of the project, Oxinet encouraged testing of developed features and user experience by genuine end-users at LG. This approach allowed any issues to be resolved quickly and effectively, maintaining project momentum. Since implementing the new system across their European sales network, LG has found that a more professional and engaging website has encouraged greater staff interaction. Both FMI and LG have found the new site much quicker and simpler to administer; FMI also enjoys greater control over systems, making it far easier for them to respond to client requests.

Key benefits LG gained from the new system included;

  • Enhanced user engagement.

  • Reduction in the time involved in sharing information on an ad hoc basis.

  • Improved communication consistency, accuracy and reporting capability.


TI is now the central repository for all of the latest LG Mobile product information and sell-in material. To support swift integration, Oxinet provided full training to FMI and now the new easy to use CMS allows staff to effortlessly manage the content and user administration on behalf of LG, as well as producing engagement reports. The new system also allows FMI to change the homepage copy on TI whenever they want, continually enhancing content to improve audience interaction; the team has additionally made good use of mass mailing functionality and has seen amplified user engagement as a result.

Oxinet provided a balanced solution between what our client LG wanted and what they had budgeted. The result has proved to be a great success, and the upgrade last year demonstrates both FMI’s and LG’s commitment to this platform.

– Lisa Dimbleby, Senior Account Manager

Since its launch, LG has maintained the TI system as their primary form of sales communication across Europe for the last five years. In 2014, in collaboration with FMI and WrightObara, Oxinet supported the complete rebrand of the LG Mobile site. The refreshed site included new functionality and layouts, which combined to provide an up-to-date and more engaging website.

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