How PEMS Benefits You

PEMS benefits all stakeholders involved in the placement process by reducing risks and ensuring accountability. With its intuitive design and useful user-friendly functions, PEMS is an invaluable tool which greatly improves the overall experience of placing students for all involved while remaining secure and reliable at all times.


For Placement Managers, HEI academic staff and admin teams, PEMS is a useful tool for tracking, monitoring and reporting on Students’ academic progress all in one place. It supports pre-placement checks, ensuring regulatory standards are maintained.


Students benefit from a simple, paperless system that can also be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet which enables them to quickly see allocations, log placement hours and update their details, supporting a stress-free placement management process.


  • Manage own contact details and reduce potential duplication.
  • Monitor student attendance and report absences.
  • Post-placement evaluation tools to gather feedback and highlight issues.
  • Robust auditing and action planning tools.


√ Cost-effective, secure and reliable.

With PEMS, HEIs no longer need to increase head-count to  cope with the administrative burden of growing student numbers. PEMS eliminates manual, obsolete and risky alternatives such as maintaining spreadsheets.

Activity is centralised through one online system.

All you need is a browser. There are no desktop programmes to install and update. There is no need to jump between multiple screens or separate programmes to do allocations. Importing existing data and entering new data is quick and easy.

Reporting is simplified.

PEMS enables you to produce routine or ad-hoc reports for a variety of stakeholders, including regulatory audits


Accessible anywhere.

All of their placement information in one place and available to view at any time. They can use their mobile devices and their existing University or portal credentials. So there’s no additional login in details to remember.

Quickly report absences and feedback.

Students can complete post- placement feedback and evaluations, as well as absence and sickness reporting on PEMS via their secure login.

Messages keep everyone in the loop.

PEMS can send reminder messages automatically, in bulk or individually via email when students need to fill in forms or view new information about their placement.


Pre-placement quality is assured.

PEMS helps ensure that student placement activity is carried out within quality guidelines as set by the QAA for Higher Education. A permanent audit trail proves that compliance checks have been undertaken.

Risks are reduced.

Dramatically decrease clerical-error and safeguard data accuracy. Should an incident occur with a student on placement, trusts and external bodies are less at risk of legal action.

Cross organisation communication is improved.

Trust staff can receive a secure login to view student allocations, authorise timesheets and run reports, saving valuable time and paperwork. External bodies such as NHS Trusts can receive all requested reports on time and in the format of their choice.