We recognise the importance of staying close to our customers and being responsive to their needs. Oxinet strives to provide an exceptional level of customer service and encourage a culture of collaboration with all customers.

Knowing who to talk to can be half the problem. You can email the helpdesk at any time or call us within working hours to discuss your challenges and usability queries. Our dedicated support staff will deal with them quickly, efficiently and without using tech-jargon.  If your challenge requires further investigation or programming, you can log a support request online and keep an eye on progress by email or online via our dedicated online helpdesk.


To discuss challenges and usability queries:

+ 44 (0)1865 598799
 Oxinet Ltd Helpdesk

The online Helpdesk provides users with the facility to:

  • Raise support tickets.
  • Track the progress of your support tickets.
  • Search Oxinet’s online knowledgebase.
  • Request new features