PEMS: Placement Education Management System


Work based placements offer essential practical skills to students, but  major challenges to administrators. The increased time and expense in this complex process can be a burden to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).  The student experience is paramount; but so are the needs of the administrative staff.

HEIs need a placement process which is  “student friendly”, and helps administrators with their numerous challenges including:

  • Providing support for placement providers
  • Effective monitoring and reporting for their HEI
  • Transparency and accountability to regulatory bodies.


PEMS provides a cost effective, secure and reliable solution to these challenges and more.

PEMS is a web-based system, used by Universities across the UK and internationally to support student placements and work-based learning.

PEMS is designed and developed in collaboration with real users. UK HEI Administrators, students and placement providers.

PEMS  is a premier product for enhancing  Exceptional student placement experiences.

PEMS is the number one provider for:

  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Compatibility


 PEMS is a secure, reliable placement management system  delivering:

√ Automated student and provider pre-placement checks.

√ Reports on all data in the system.

√ Varying User access rights to support GDPR.


All Users access their own dedicated portals.

√ Messages and alerts sent automatically.

√ Student and provider feedback is captured and reported on.

√ All placement organisations and contacts are held in one place.


PEMS Integrates with existing internal and external systems via a secure API.

√ Available to use on mobile devices, without need to download apps.

√ Single-sign on integration means no new passwords to remember.

√ Branding tailored to your institutions style, terminology and processes.