PEMS is Placement Education Made Simple!

An intuitive web-based education tool, designed by Healthcare Professionals to support complex student placement systems.

PEMS: Placement Education Management System

PEMS was created in collaboration with Healthcare Professionals to support the complex process of managing student practice placements. PEMS now supports not only Placement Units in Healthcare, Social and Life Science faculties but also Schools of Education.

It integrates all individuals and processes associated with student placement management and provides them with a single tool to manage all aspects of the process.

It is designed with you in mind, with a user-friendly interface tailored to fit your Faculty’s branding, terminology and work processes. You can get access to comprehensive support from our team of experts whenever you need it.

There is no need to make costly changes or operate numerous separate systems. PEMS integrates with your existing student records system. Records and data are updated in real-time, synchronised and secure.

You can be reassured that mandatory procedures and checks have been fulfilled including regulatory audits; eliminating human error and minimising the risk of litigation to the HEI or placement provider.

In addition to placement managers and administrative staff, who use the system to manage placement allocation and track students’ progress, PEMS is also accessible via a variety of web-enabled devices to HEI academic staff, students and external stakeholders such as NHS organisations.

PEMS User Benefits

HEI Staff

For Placement Managers, HEI academic staff and admin teams, PEMS is a useful tool for tracking, monitoring and reporting on students’ academic progress all in one place. It supports pre-placement checks, ensuring regulatory standards are maintained.

  • Cost-effective, secure and reliable

    Eliminating manual, obsolete and risky alternatives such as maintaining spreadsheets. With PEMS, HEIs no longer need to increase head-count to cope with the administrative burden of growing student numbers.

  • Activity is centralised through one online system

    All you need is a browser. There are no extra desktop programmes to install and update. There is no need to jump between multiple screens or separate programmes to do allocations. Importing existing data and entering new data is quick and easy.

  • Reporting is simplified

    PEMS enables you to produce routine or adhoc reports for a variety of stakeholders, including regulatory audits.


Students benefit from a simple, paperless system that enables them to quickly update their details and statuses, supporting a stress-free placement management process. No more paper forms, they can access placement information online.

  • Accessible anywhere

    All of their placement information in one place and available to view at any time on mobile devices such as smartphones using their existing University or portal credentials, so there’s no additional login details to remember.

  • Quickly report absences and feedback

    Students can complete post-placement feedback and evaluations, as well as absence and sickness reporting on PEMS via their secure login.

  • Messages keep everyone in the loop

    PEMS can send reminder messages automatically, in bulk or individually via email when students need to fill in forms, complete fitness for practice requests (such as DBS checks) or view new information about their placement.

External Stakeholders

Placement providers, external bodies, mentors and supervisors can be permitted secure access to certain functions and reports. Paper forms are eliminated, as placement providers can now perform all the necessary tasks online.

  • Pre-placement quality is assurred

    PEMS helps ensure that student placement activity is carried out within quality guidelines as set by the QAA for Higher Education. A permanent audit trail proves that compliance checks have been undertaken.

  • Risks are reduced

    Dramatically decrease clerical-error, safeguarding data accuracy. Trusts and external bodies are at less risk of legal action should an incident occur with a student on placement.

  • Improved cross-organisation communication

    Trust staff can receive a secure login to fill in audits and other forms online, saving valuable time and paperwork. External bodies such as NHS Trusts can receive all requested reports on time and in the format of their choice.



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Our History in Placement Management

CASE STUDY: Oxford Brookes University


Each year, Oxford Brookes University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences manages over 5,000 placements for 2,000 students, operating 12 separate programmes over three Strategic Health Authority contracts. The administration of student placements was routinely hampered by obsolete manual and paper-based systems obstructing the management and reporting of student placement activity. The processes were labour-intensive and prone to clerical error; reporting delays were endemic and contact data was poorly managed, meaning that the public – and the University – were potentially at risk. After a thorough search, Oxford Brookes University saw that “off-the-shelf” products were not going to fulfil their highly specific needs.


The Oxford Brookes Placements Team developed a specification and went to European tender to find a solution provider. The winner was Oxinet, and we won in large part thanks to our commitment to thoroughly researching and developing a flexible, purpose-built solution. Oxinet and the University began by mapping all the activities, information flows and stakeholders involved in the placement process. Together they produced a prioritised requirement list and commenced development using an agile methodology to ensure that the most crucial functions were delivered first.
The solution was then developed in stages:

⇒ The first; to ensure that the University could handle the essential checks and tests required to be undertaken by students in order for them to be deemed “safe” prior to placement.  The “Fitness to Practice” process was built and went live in September 2010.

⇒ The second; to create a robust placement handling and allocation function, went live in 2011.

PEMS’ functionality encompasses the whole placement process, enabling the administration team to deal with each placement in its entirety – from entering offers through to reporting – with just a few mouse clicks. Placement providers, too, have found their feedback and monitoring tasks simplified.


Collaborative working with the University has been strengthened, processes are robustly supported and PEMS is now the central channel for student evaluation and monitoring. Since Oxford Brookes University installed PEMS, it has become a key part of their Placement Learning Unit, saving them on average in equivalent costs £84,000 per annum. It has also allowed them to expand the number of programmes on offer to students which would not have been achievable without an increase to resources.

The University balanced the cost of the initial investment against the potential penalty cost of not implementing a system.

““With staffing costs on the rise and increasing student commissioned numbers, against a backdrop of increasing complexity of placement quality and capacity in health and social care service provision –not to mention the cost of any potential litigation due to poorly-recorded compliance– PEMS made obvious financial sense.

 We found Oxinet to be innovative and ‘Agile minded’ in their solution orientated approach to achieving collaborative goals in product development and implementation. They are a team of inspired creative thinkers and working with them as technical partner on our project was most enjoyable and productive.”  Said Netta Lloyd-Jones, Head of Practice Education, Oxford Brookes University.

Through active participation in the PEMS User Group, Oxford Brookes University alongside our other PEMS customers, continue to collaborate with Oxinet to develop and improve PEMS; future-proofing the system to make sure it remains fit for an evolving sector.

  • PEMS promises to provide a robust, time-saving management system which will be extremely valuable to busy clinical staff.

    Bridgette Brogden – Clinical Placement Facilitator Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • PEMS is an invaluable member of the administration team.

    Netta Lloyd-Jones – Head of Practice Education Oxford Brookes University
  • With staffing costs on the rise and increasing student commissioned numbers, against a backdrop of increasing complexity of placement quality and capacity in health and social care service provision –not to mention the cost of any potential litigation due to poorly-recorded compliance– PEMS made obvious financial sense.

    Netta Lloyd-Jones – Head of Practice Education Oxford Brookes University

Interested to see how PEMS could transform your placement management system?

Latest News

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An update from the Managing Director

Firstly, I sincerely hope that you are keeping safe and well in these challenging times. The coronavirus has presented significant challenges to all people, in all walks of life, and I am conscious that the road ahead will likely present further hurdles which we must all work together to overcome.

A statement on COVID-19 from the Managing Director, Graham Steinsberg

A statement on COVID-19 from the Managing Director, Graham Steinsberg

I hope this post finds you in good health and largely unaffected by recent events. Here at Oxinet, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic and government guidance as issued. The most important priority for us is the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, and our dedicated staff.

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