PEMS User Group (PUG)

One of the key benefits of implementing PEMS is the close proximity of the user to the authors of the system.

PEMS adopts a unique development model. All customers are invited to join the PEMS User Group. The User Group meets regularly to discuss best practice approaches to managing placements and collaborate with other members on new developments. Oxinet actively participates in these meetings and commits significant development resources to achieve the agreed priorities. The results are made available to all PEMS customers.

This innovative and collaborative development model ensures that:

  • Customers benefit from the experiences of others
  • Regular input to the UK-based development team
  • Customers benefit from the development efforts led by others, at no additional cost
  • PEMS stays at the forefront of legal, regulatory and technical developments
  • Customers have a forum to request new features, modifications or modules

In addition to the resources committed to the User Group, Oxinet also continues to develop and evolve PEMS features and functionality based on availability of new technologies, helpdesk feedback, and new customer requirements.

Routes to enhancements

With the approach outlined above, customers will keep benefiting from new ideas and innovation even if they do not want to actively suggest new features or modules.

Should the customer wish to have a specific feature or module, they have three routes to achieving their goals:

1. Suggest the enhancement to the PEMS User Group (PUG).

If it gains sufficient support and priority, then the enhancement may be developed as part of the ongoing UG Targeted schedule. All customers will benefit from the enhancement and there would be no additional cost to the customer who suggested it.

2. Suggest the enhancement via the Oxinet helpdesk.

If it would clearly benefit the product, reduce support requirements or assist in winning new business then Oxinet may decide to add it to the internal development road map. Once it is completed then all customers will benefit from the additional functionality and there would be no additional cost to the customer.

3. If the customer requires a specific timescale or a feature unique to their situation, then Oxinet may be requested to develop a new module or feature to the customer’s requirements. In this case, Oxinet may offer a discount to the customer as the additional module or feature may be made available to other customers. In this case other customers may have the right to receive the upgrade, but Oxinet would reserve the right to charge for access to the module depending on the complexity of implementation or support.

This innovative approach ensures that Oxinet can become a true technical partner, providing multi-level expertise.