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“We have been using PEMS since 2012, and since then have made multiple changes to our product and been able to develop it to meet our needs. Simon on the helpdesk is fantastic and is always happy to provide us with bespoke reports if it’s not something we can run ourselves. He is incredibly patient and we are grateful for all the support he has provided to get PEMS to ‘link in’ with our newly obtained ePAD software. Our account managers are readily available to resolve any issues we might have or discuss any development requirements”

Natasha Lloyd, Lead Practice Placement Administrator, University of Essex


“Oxinet work brilliantly hard to maintain and develop the system beyond the initial build. The customer support is excellent and personable – Simon provides such a professional and efficient service through the helpdesk, he is our go to, to talk through new ideas and report queries. Oxinet are always open to listening to our requests as well as quickly working through any problems”

Helen Harte, Associate Professor & Director of Practice, University of Lincoln


“We have been using PEMS for over 8 years now, and the functionality of the system as well as the customer service and technical support of the entire team have been phenomenal. Over the years we were able to request several additions within PEMS, customising it to fit our needs as a HEI. this helped us in our daily work which saved us a lot of time, enabling us to gain information quickly and efficiently when needed. Being able to bring in timesheets to monitor what our students are completing was excellent and a lot easier than the previous paper timesheets, for both ourself and our students, but also our practice providers. PEMS is a wonderful system to use, and I would highly recommend it”

Amy Sutton, Senior Placement Officer, University of Huddersfield.

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