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Making Systems Talk To Each Other

Oxinet has a reputation for making systems ‘talk to each other’. We believe that integration is key to maximising efficiency in today’s multi-system landscape.

Over time, organisations acquire or collect a number of software applications such as customer relationship management systems (CRMs),  databases, and document repository systems. Whilst these products are valuable in isolation, many users find operating across multiple technology platforms time-consuming.

As part of a technology innovation strategy, many business leaders adopt the approach of periodically purchasing new ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ systems to improve efficiency. However, integrating a brand new catch-all system which may not be designed to specifically match your processes can be laborious and may pose significant risks in terms of business adoption, data migration and the potential cost of downtime during implementation.

An alternative to purchasing an off the shelf product is to create a bespoke system. Whilst the advantages can be compelling, we understand that the time, staffing needs and finance associated with these projects can prove prohibitive.

Oxinet is unique as an Internet consultancy in that we are not solely focused on using the latest technologies to resolve business issues but can see the value of your existing systems. We have the knowledge and experience needed to design integration plans that bring users the benefits of bespoke software with the simplicity and convenience of off-the-shelf packages. Many standalone systems, such as CRMs, are designed and enhanced to support specific business processes (that is why you purchased them after all!) and therefore can remain useful components for systems integration.

We make it our mission to help you mitigate the risk of replacing your existing applications, and relieve both the financial and time constraints involved in undertaking a bespoke development project. By bringing your software applications into one unified platform you can prolong their value whilst benefitting from the best of both worlds – all within one efficient solution.

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Benefits of an Integrated System

  • 'Bespoke' service without the cost

    Take advantage of a system which not only fits your requirements but also extends the life of your original software investment

  • Seamless Data Migration

    No need to change your databases, we can push and pull the relevant information from your existing systems.

  • Reporting Tools

    Reports can be set up so that you can take a snapshot of all data across all systems relevant to your reporting needs, via the same portal.

  • All Systems Under One Roof

    Meaning you can gain access to relevant, up-to-date information across all systems quickly from a single portal

  • Rapid Business Adoption

    More integrated systems enable staff to work smarter not harder. Single sign-on, allows users to use their existing login details and passwords.

  • Develop Your Own APIs

    We develop API keys which enable you to push and pull relevant information from a variety of systems.

Case Studies

Oxford Brookes University

The PEMS: Placement Education Management System, was born through a collaborative project between Oxinet and Oxford Brookes University. PEMS is now available to all HEI's.

FMI Group: LG Mobile Europe

In collaboration with FMI, Oxinet created a bespoke web-based system, TribeInside (TI), accessible via the Internet to all LG Mobile Europe users across a multitude of platforms.

Oxford Learning College

Oxinet used .NET to develop a bespoke system named ‘Campus,’ with a Microsoft SQL Server running alongside the existing OLC website.

  • We use Oxinet Consultants for our hosting service and I find them 100% reliable. If they say they'll meet a deadline, they will. Equally, they won't commit to something that is unrealistic. I feel that with Oxinet we're in safe hands. I find Gordon totally trustworthy and he won't try and hide behind a technological smokescreen. The whole team is helpful and trustworthy. Gordon is particularly creative in solutions and has a "can do" attitude which is very refreshing.

    Heidi Livingstone – E-media Manager NICE
  • Having dealt with many other technical suppliers in the past I would be very happy to recommend Oxinet as being by far the most efficient and effective team I have ever worked with. All of our requirements so far have been met and Oxinet's outputs have all been of the highest quality.

    John Pitman – Portal Development Manager Serco
  • We have found Nick’s support invaluable over the past year. Nick always responds to an email request straight away and addresses any issues we have on the website, giving us a clear explanation of what he is doing to solve the problem.  We find Nick to be accessible, efficient and extremely helpful.

    Mary Mahoney – Marketing Assistant Hart Publishing Ltd.
  • The new system has meant that student’s work is marked faster and they are much happier. Also any amendments or new requirements have easily and promptly been implemented.

    Lydia Wallington – Head of Centre Oxford Learning College
  • We have worked very successfully with Oxinet in developing and enhancing the portal that supports the KTP programme. The Portal provides a powerful mechanism for managing the programme, because of its online forms and tools, and is a highly effective means of communication with the KTP community. I would single out for praise Tom Harris, who has continued to provide excellent and effective support.

    MW – Stakeholder Communications Manager AEA Momenta
  • Working with Oxinet team enabled us to hone in on what are the essential requirements of the project.  The format of the workshop, along with its implementation, allowed us to clarify our views and prioritise the implementation, so that we could concentrate our resources onto the key elements.

    Ian Tracey – Head of Access to Funding & Finance Knowledge Transfer Network

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Oxinet is an Internet Services Consultancy that works in partnership with customers to deliver intuitive applications, systems and tools for users across complex environments.



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If you’re looking for a flexible, scalable hosting solution, cloud hosting could be exactly what you need. Oxinet are experts in web-hosting and developing secure Virtual Private Clouds.



With Oxinet, you can get access to support whenever you need it. Whatever your situation or requirement we use our knowledge and expertise to suggest cost-effective, quality solutions.

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